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Soil Doctor

Say goodbye to expensive lab tests and waiting for results.

With Soil Doctor, you'll have accurate readings in few minutes, allowing you to make informed decisions about fertilization and nutrient management. Lightweight and easy-to-use, Soil Doctor is your go-to tool for healthy soil and thriving plants.


The ultimate portable soil testing device for farmers and gardeners alike!

With Soil Doctor, you can easily measure the essential parameters N, P, K, pH, EC, and OC on-the-go, giving you the information you need to optimize your soil health and crop yields.

Designed to make a difference.

Easy to Use

Small and handy device that is easily accessible on the farm and can be handled by farmer easily.

Fast & Accurate

Our device gives rapid analysis and gives the holistic report in an hour.


We offer our device in optimum price so that every farmer can get benefit out of the product.

Fertilizer Recommendation

We offer customised fertilizer recommendation for every testing report considering next crop to be sown in farm.

Technical Specifications

6 parameters

N, P, K,

pH, EC, OC


Hand held and easy to operate device

Fast and accurate

30-40 mins testing time for upto

10 soil samples

Weight & Dimension


455x320x150 mm


Inbuilt display for quick result


WiFi, Bluetooth


12V power supply, Battery operated,

2 Watt


Beer’s lambert's law - Colorimeter

400-700 nm

Report & Recommendation

Device Cost (Amount Invested)

₹ 55,000

Cost per Test ( a )

₹ 150

Charges per Test ( b )

₹ 300

Profit per Test ( b - a )

₹ 150

ROI (Time)

2 Months

2 months

Words from Our Satisfied Customers

I don’t get soil tested as I never use the soil testing report for fertiliser application. Ekosight directs us with the recommendation in very clear way I follow the instruction and get 15% increase in my cucumber crop.

Chandra Prakash

I am very happy as I get my soil testing report before sowing and Now, I am able to purchase the fertiliser accordingly.

Prakash Singh

Ekosight gives me very simple report that is easy to understand and follow the instruction. This time I bought 20 % lease fertiliser as compare to previous season.


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Delivery guarantee

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